Kokology: Game Praktis Menggali Potensi Anda Tadahiko Nagao

ISBN: 9781299493001

Published: 2005


164 pages


Kokology: Game Praktis Menggali Potensi Anda  by  Tadahiko Nagao

Kokology: Game Praktis Menggali Potensi Anda by Tadahiko Nagao
2005 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 164 pages | ISBN: 9781299493001 | 5.35 Mb

I have always wanted to buy this book since I was in 1st year high school. Being the kind of person who enjoys taking online personality quizzes from Tickle and Facebook, this book has attracted me so much.This book is a “psychology quiz game based on the study of kokoro, which means ‘mind’ or ‘spirit’ in Japanese”. It contains about 50 personality tests which deal with different aspects of an individual, like mental, emotional and social.

Different situations are given in every quiz and the reader may either choose one from the choices listed or sometimes they have to think of their own answers. Some tests require pen and paper, and ask the reader to draw or write something.I had so much fun answering all the tests since the situations given here were like from ordinary things that most people do in their daily lives. Who would thought that the amount of spare money you imagine to have in your pocket represents the amount of money you’re okay to lend to others or you just neglect (from “The Forgotten Wallet” quiz)? I remembered answering P20, and yes, that’s the amount of money I’m willing to lend other people and nothing beyond that.There were so many quizzes that really surprised me with the results.

A lot of my hidden desires were revealed. There so many things that used to enter my mind but I always tried to ignore them, but when I took some of the quizzes all of them were confirmed.My favorite quiz was called the “Driving Machine”. It asked about the kind of car the reader envisioned herself in, given four choices. I was torn between “A marvel of design with a sleek and beautiful chassis” and “A status-symbol ride with a price tag to match”.

It took me a few minutes to decide. When I read the result I was laughing so hard. The “driving machine” referred to a person’s ideal partner. Well, I won’t say here what those two choices meant, you might think of me in a not-so-good way. Hahaha :D. You better read this book if you really want to know their meanings (as if!!!). Anyway, my point is that the reason why I was so torn between those two choices was that both of the traits they represented were exactly the characteristics of my ideal man.

They were so shallow, but really those were the first two things that I look for in a man.There were so many more quizzes in there that left me wondering about myself and I don’t have the time to discuss each of them here…well, as if you cared that much. :DBut I really recommend this book to those who love personality quizzes like me, and to those who are taking Psychology quizzes. You can also try guessing other people’s personality based on how you think they will react in certain situations. I think it will be more fun answering this with some friends and you’ll laugh about your answers.

Sadly I had no one to laugh with while I was reading it, but I still enjoyed. It’s like getting to know yourself again, but in a deeper sense.If you enjoyed this book I also recommend reading the second one, or you can buy the color red edition which already includes the two volumes, just like I did.

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